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Are you looking for an experienced artificial intelligence (AI) lawyer?

We not only understand the area of artificial intelligence, but also help form the market and legislation in the field of AI, acting, among others, in the Working Group for Artificial Intelligence (GRAI) at the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

How can we help your company?

Intellectual property protection

We advise on how to effectively protect your intellectual property through properly defined copyrights, patents and trade secrets.

Data privacy

We help in understanding the issues of data used by artificial intelligence and issues related to their privacy, both in terms of personal and non-personal data.


We advise on the analysis of risk related to cyber threats in the artificial intelligence (AI) learning model used


We advise on ethical issues related to artificial intelligence. We place a strong emphasis on helping to ensure that the contract for an artificial intelligence (AI) solution is compliant with EU legislation.


We advise on product liability issues when AI is used in various forms, including medical products, IoT, etc.


We help you stay up to date with regulations and guidelines to ensure your artificial intelligence (AI) project is legally compliant.

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Whether you represent a public institution, are an artificial intelligence provider or are procuring an AI solution, we know what to do to ensure that your organization's interests are protected.
Marzena Tyl

The direction of development of artificial intelligence

Our services

Legal services for companies using AI tools

As part of its legal services, the law firm conducts risk analyzes and prepares legal opinions regarding the compliance of the AI tools used with current legal regulations. It develops regulations for the use of artificial intelligence regulating compliance with legal provisions (Compliance), defining employee responsibility, and defining the company's code of ethics.

Legal services for developers of AI tools

As part of the services provided, the law firm supports creators of solutions using artificial intelligence at every stage of product development. Conducts risk analysis, ensures compliance with legal regulations, advises on ethical aspects (Ethics by design) and intellectual property, in particular the protection of created algorithms.

AI consulting

The law firm prepares a legal opinion for a specific legal problem related to the use of artificial intelligence.

AI traininings

For companies that plan to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in their organization, the law firm recommends training for management boards, managers and employees to deepen their understanding of threats (Risk), legal, ethical and compliance issues.